They say third year is the easiest YET the most tiring because of the load. Week one just finished and let me say this: I’M PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY EXHAUSTED ALREADY!

So here’s my daily schedule…

We still haven’t met with Emergency Med (EME301) and Surgical Anesthesia (ANE 301) this week. Yep, that’s 14 subjects for 1 semester.

Here’s why I was so tired last week:

Monday – Orientation day BUT we had to travel to another area for our general orientation at the new building. It was at 3PM but since the building was new, we were there before 1:30 just to explore. Then we went back to the school for our 5:30-7:30 class and we thought it was just an orientation but no no no, we already discussed until 7:15PMish

Tuesday – It was kind of chill day since we just had orientation and our class from 10:30AM cancelled.

Wednesday – oh the most tiring of them all. My grandfather was rushed to the hospital the night before so my mom went home to the province and my phone charger decided to die so I slept with just 50% battery and my phone died so I didn’t have an alarm. I had an alarm in my iPad incase of emergency BUT it doesn’t work like the phone that even if the device is on silent mode, it will still ring…SO I woke up at 7:50AM and my class was 7:30AM!!! Oh the panic! Good thing our professor arrived at 8:05 while I arrived at 8:10AM!!! Then for our next class, we need to run to the other building and up to 9th floor since our professor doesn’t want late students. After that class, we ran back to the other building because that’s where our next class is. Good thing the office was kind and we were able to request for us to stay in just one building so that we won’t be that tired. For our 1:30 class, we had a lecture right away and even had a quiz. I was mentally and physically exhausted that day!!!

Thurday – So our morning was full of lectures and since it was straight 5 hours, my goodness we were so hungry after. Our 1:30PM class cancelled so we were able to take a short break then our last class was just and orientation so we were able to go home early yay!

Friday – this exhausting because we were in school for 12 hours!!! So we had a 5 hour break to eat lunch and I took that time to study. You see, we don’t have that much exams unlike the past 2 years, there’s only the major exams and it’s scary if we didn’t study now, we will cram when major exams come.

Saturday – our morning was just orientation so my friend and I went to Starbucks to study then attended another orientation so we had another long break where I just studied again in the library then another orientation for the 5:30PM class. It was again tiring because we were in school for 12 hours!!!

So here’s our current monthly schedule. I’m so stressed if I’m not able to do this that’s why I’m the schedule keeper of the group. The schedule for 5 of our subjects are not yet there because it was not yet given to us.

Here’s a bit of explanation of the subjects:

ANE 301 – Surgical Anesthesia

  • This subject mainly is about, well, how anesthesia works, how it is used…and stuff like that HAHAHAHHA

CPAT – Clinical Pathology

  • This was once Surgical Pathology but our professors realized that only the Medical Technologists actually know the laboratory tests. That’s why they changed it to Clinical Pathology for us to know more about which tests are more appropriate to be requested for a certain case/disease

EME 301 – Emergency Medicine

  •  I guess this is about first aids and all that. This was supposed to be a first year subject but was moved to third year. In my opinion, it IS for third year students because by this time, we are able to appreciate and understand it more.

ENT 301 – ENT or Ears, Nose, Throat

  • As the name implies, this focuses on the diseases confined within the Ears, Nose, and Throat.

OBS 301 & GYN 301 – Pathologic Obstetrics and Gynecology

  • Gynecology is all about the reproductive system, from pediatric to elderly of both sexes while Pathologic Obstetrics deals with all the complications of pregnancy.

JUR 302 & LEG 301 – Medical Jurisprudence and Legal Medicine

  • If I understood and remember it correctly, Jurisprudence is all about the law protecting the physician and the patient while Legal Medicine deals more of the forensic side like murder, suicide, homicide and the likes. What’s cool here is that 4/5 of our professors are Doctors AND Lawyers and the other one is a retired general in the Philippine National Police and either once the head of the crime laboratory here or current head.

OPH 301 – Ophthalmology

  • This is all about the eyes and let me tell you this…I’m not a fan. I don’t really like ophthalmology and it’s quite funny because my friend asked me to accompany her to the department of ENT because she was the coordinator and since we were already in the area, we went to the department of ophthalmology and boom, I was suddenly the coordinator for it.

PED 302 – Pediatrics II

  • This is just a continuation and it focuses more on the diseases or pathologic side of pediatrics.

RES 301 – Research

  • We are actually required to present researches or thesis so here we are, doing thesis again. This is under family medicine so our focus is there.

SUR 301 – Surgery II

  • This is divided into 3 parts: Sub Specialty (SubSpec), Cases, and Small Group Discussion (SGDs). For the SubSpec, this is where the specific surgery comes in, like how does a thoracic-cardio-vascular surgery (TCVS) work, what are the “must-knows” of a TCVS is, so that when we go to our internship and be able to assist in such surgeries, we have an idea of what’s happening. As for the cases and SGDs, we are to be trained on how to present a case like in conferences for patient cases in the hospital. It is more work but it is good training for our internship.

RAD 302 – Radiology

  • Radiology as in X-rays, CT-Scans, MRI…this was not a subject before and sadly, many graduate from med school not knowing how to read or interpret those results so now, we have a class for it which is good because we need it anyway.

REM 302 – Rehabilitation Medicine

  • As our professor have said, they take care of those who got injured and is on their way to recovery, full or partial, and it covers from the womb to the grave. It is kind of interesting for me since I am always injured HAHAHHAHAHA

There it is, a short description on what my subjects are. I find these subjects more interesting since they are taught by specialists so they are experts already. For example, the one who lectured ENT to us is a doctor for three decades already! It was so amazing on how he explained the topic.

So now I’ll be studying since I haven’t read last week’s ENT (1 topic), Surgery (2 topics), and OBGYNE (4 topics). Hopefully I’ll be able to finish early so I can sleep early. I’m trying not to nap within the day and not pull any all nighter, so I try to sleep by 12MN. Hopefully I’ll have the drive to study even though weekly exams are rare now.


Fighting for that MD in V-Neck,

Issa Gan πŸ’œ

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