Hi Beshie/Bebe/Mumshie,

How to help a medical student 1.0 (1.0 kasi year 1 palang HAHAHA char first part lang muna kasi for sure dadami pa to)

This is a request to our non-medical student/doctor friends.

This post contains MY opinions only. This does not reflect the opinions of my fellow medical students.

1. Be understanding of our schedule.

We don’t hold our time anymore. Two weeks before any gala, we might be available but our schedule is not really fixed or final until the day before. Heck, our schedule sometimes changes just a few minutes before our class. Believe us when we say we really want to go or attend, pagod rin naman kaming school-dorm/bahay-school. Minsan nga “free” kami eh, but most of the time that only means na we have time to rest or study for the next subject (NEXT SUBJECT NOT NEXT TOPIC HAHAHUHU). We really want to go out and have an “acad rest” but ganun talaga ang buhay medisina, walang “pahinga”.

2. Be encouraging.

Sometimes all we need to hear is “kaya mo yan” or “kakayanin mo yan“. Stop with the “kinayanan mo nga ung *insert pre-med* mo eh! ‘Yan pa kaya?” It’s not that we (or I) don’t appreciate that but medicine is a whole new level. It is true. No matter what your pre-med course is, medicine will never be easy enough for you.

Hinga lang,
Laban lang.
-Maine Mendoza

You know, that is by far the most encouraging thing yet so “general” quote that I have heard. We study SO MANY THINGS and as humans, we do get overwhelmed and honestly, breathing for a while (like just breath) then being encouraged (ourselves or each other) to fight fight fight sometimes does the trick.

3. Pray for us/them.

Do you realize that we are going to be responsible for so many lives?

Student, you do not study to pass the test. You study to prepare for the day when you are the only thing between a patient and the grave. – Mark Reid

Pray for us. We really need it.

yan palang muna.

This part is very personal and does not apply to all medical students.

I have a rule. No matter how busy or tired I am, whenever a friend, family, or co-ADN (hi bebes) needs someone to talk to, I’m always available. Syempre, minsan nasa class ako or nasa exam, but aside from that, I’m always here for you. If it is important to you, then it is important to me. I may not have the right answers but I promise to always listen.

Issa 💜


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