Hi hello whuzuuuuuuppppp!

Uhm paano ba to?

So I created this blog because I feel like I’m ranting too much on twitter about my struggles in medical school. Finally!!!! Natuloy na rin ako mag blog.

Warning nalang siguro sa makakabasa man nito at kilala ako sa totoong buhay. I am a very dependent person on Jesus but I am also a work in progress. I struggle a lot too. I pray that you won’t get discouraged by want you read/will read here. Kumbaga, mababasa mo siguro dito ang brain-to-mouth keme ko (if that makes sense at all). #NoFilter ganoin. Most people outside twitter knows/sees me as a jolly and optimistic person. It IS hard to stay “happy” in medical school but I push myself everyday to see the brighter side. Kahit napaka-impossible minsan, I still try to.

Medschool – maraming heartaches, luha, depression, lahat na pero rewarding in the end – Dr. Vila

Daming satsat wooh. So get to know rin pala muna ano?

So Hi ulit! I’m Klarissa Elaine Gan, NBSB, lakwatsera, kaladkarin, beach-lover, foodie, and soon-to-be M.D. Most people call me Issa, please don’t call me Elaine. That is reserved for some special people in my heart (naks naman, ADN. Hi hello miss ko na kayo, love kayo ni Tita Elaine πŸ˜‚; yas, ADN ako kahit ba lagi akong MIA na ngayon dun.)


My pre-med course is BS Chemistry and I am now a Medical Student.

You see, I’m not an honor student, just your average/papasa-kaya-ako-this-year gal. Maybe I’m just lazier than others, maybe I’m not really that smart πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ. Pero ano pa nga ba magagawa ko, pinag-dasal ko to (ooooh, I should make a separate post for this. Para babalik balikan ko lagi.) Andito na ako. Gawin ko nalang ang best ko. Mahirap pero kakayanin. Lumalaban.

Ang daldal ko talaga. Anyway, this will mostly be about my struggles nga in Medical School…2nd semester, midterms period na but wth, it’s never too late naman ano?

Medical School is VERY jealous – Dr. Gironella

But here I am, signed up for a blog @ 1:45 PM instead of studying. Oh well papel, I need this. This is my escape. There’s no beach near me and again, I’m making too much noise/contributing toxicity on twitter so here I am. (Woooooooow. Panindigan mo to, Issa.)

Hanggang dito nalang muna. May pasok pa ako mamaya eh. 😒

Hinga lang. Laban lang. – Maine Mendoza


Issa πŸ’œ


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